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Castle Dwellings have been extremely proactive and have managed to let out 40 of my properties in less than a month. Thank you for all your help and keep up the good work.

Consistent and clear communication and as i result i trusted Castle Dwellings 110%.

I will no doubt be recommending Castle Dwellings to my friends and family. Thank you for a fast sale.

Mr Barnfather
You have negotiated my sale in a very short timescale and saved me money in the process. Thank you.

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Bell Lane
Bell Lane, South Kirkby
Clarkson Court
Clarkson Court, Castleford
Castlefield Court
Castlefield Court, Castleford
Arnside Crescent
Arnside Crescent, Castleford
Cambridge Street
Cambridge Street, Castleford
Coopers Close
Coopers Close, Ackworth
Pear Tree Close
Pear Tree Close, Pontefract
Outfield Drive
Outfield Drive, Ackworth
Let Hunt Street
Hunt Street, Castleford